It is very difficult to select a term using Taxonomy Super Select on Rubik theme for node add/edit.
It randomly works only after clicking several times. Nice theme anyway.

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I'm having the same issue. I disabled 'use admin theme for editing/creating nodes'
..but that is not the idea..right ? ...to disable things that don't work.

Another problem is that I would like the terms to be listed in columns instead of rows (I am using a lot of terms) as it would display in a "normal" theme. (see uploaded pic). Rubik makes them jump to a column AND row. (see the uploaded pic from the issue starter)

does anybody have a fix for this problem?

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I changed to betterselect. it works with the rubik theme. I also styled the select elements in CSS ... etc...
try using betterselect instead of superselect if you want to use the rubik theme..

hope it helps,,,

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I got it to work....(with superselect)
my customer preferred the way super-select was, so I had to change it back and find a way to make it work with the rubik theme.

just change the css of the single items to


Example: (taxonomy vid 1, tid 1,2,3)

.column-side #edit-taxonomy-1-1-wrapper,
.column-side #edit-taxonomy-1-2-wrapper,
.column-side #edit-taxonomy-1-3-wrapper {

PS: you need to set up every sinlge term (see example above) to get it to work. the code goes in the css file for the rubik theme (i just put it in core.css but you can use a custom)
I added 100 extra termsso the next 100 terms would also display in that manner.
I couldn't find another way to change it (doesn't mean I won't be looking)

I uploaded a pic to show what it looks like
I know it's a lot of code to write and not really dynamic but it works perfectly..

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OK final fix for this issue

/* correct the display of the form options (super-select)*/
 .column-side .form-option {

this will show all taxonomy terms in columns AND clickable

for rows just use


single elements can still be styled via the code in the comment above

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Thanks for posting your answer, Greg.

It didn't work for me as posted but it did get me on the right track. Here's what worked for me:

I made a subtheme of Rubik so I could easily revert if I screwed it up. I just created a folder /sites/all/themes called rubik-custom, and in it created a rubik-custom.info as follows:

name = Rubik Custom
core = 6.x
base theme = rubik
stylesheets[all][] = styles.css

I also created styles.css in the same folder as follows:

.taxonomy-super-select-checkboxes fieldset.titled div.fieldset-content {
	padding-top: 20px;
.taxonomy-super-select-checkboxes div[id^=edit-taxonomy-].form-item {
	clear: left;

It's the second item in the CSS file that did the trick for me. Clearing div.form-item in the TSS sidebar got me all lined up in columns & clickable.

I'm not sure why your fix didn't work for me, but maybe this alternate fix will also work for someone else. Thanks again for setting me on the right track - this bug was going to drive my content creators nuts!

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