I installed Ubercart, made a couple of products, then installed ConTemplate and when tried to edit the template for that product. I got a partial crash, like the image attached below.

After a little experimenting, I found that if the product doesn't have any nodes (ie. you've setup the node type, but not "created" any content) then I can get to the expected edit template page, but as expected the variables text box is empty because there's no content to generate it.

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I am not getting a crash but I am not seeing the change I made on the body template.

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I guess that's because node-product.tpl.php exists in the theme.

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I tried to reproduce this error on current dev release but was unable to reproduce it.. (see screenshot attached)

I enabled ubercart and ubercart product but not created any nodes, which should trigger your error.

No node-product.tpl.php was in any of the themes or modules either.

mysql> select count(*) from node where type='product';
| count(*) |
|        0 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)