Views issue queue

Last updated on
1 December 2016

Members of the Views Bug Squad are Drupal contributors who have committed to spending a few hours a week triaging the Views issue queue. The purpose behind the bug squad is to provide the Views code maintainers with the ability to focus more heavily on new development and patch committment. Our focus is to provide an exit strategy for every issue, meaning that it is easy to see when an issue is no longer the responsibility of the bug squad.

In general, when the issues are posted into the queue, after a Bug Squad member has touched the issue, one of the following things will have happened:

  • The issue will have been sent back to the poster for more information using the postponed (maintainer needs more info) state, along with a polite reminder of the guidelines for posting issues.
  • The issue will be moved to another project, if the issue is incorrectly assigned.
  • The issue will be moved into a closed state, such as closed (works as designed) or closed (won't fix) or closed (duplicate).
  • The issue will be answered to the best of the Bug Squad's ability, and moved to the fixed state.
  • The issue will be assigned to a higher level maintainer (currently merlinofchaos, dereine or esmerel) for more expert troubleshooting, and left in the active state.

If you wish to join the bug squad, please submit an issue. Leave the category set to task and the component set to join the bug squad.