With the release of Drupal 7 imminent, can anyone confirm the final versions of JQuery and JQuery UI that will be packaged with Drupal 7?

Latest version are:
JQuery: 1.4.3
JQuery UI: 1.8.5

Also, if these are updated at a later date, will future releases of Drupal 7 be patched, or are they fixed for the duration (which I beleive is how it was for Drupal 6).


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There's a couple of issues in the core issue queue for the versions that were added to core. As for future upgrades, in the past that's been handled via the http://drupal.org/project/jquery_update module.

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From the issue queue;

Re: JQueryUI
No confirmation though which version will be on the final release.

Re JQuery
I could find nothing in the queue?

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#653580: Upgrade to jQuery 1.4
#679036: Upgrade to jQuery UI 1.8

Both located with:


And since the first beta has now been released, it's very unlikely to change prior to the official 7.0 (with the possible exception of minor point release bug fixes). You can also always check the jquery source files in the /misc directory to verify.

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The JQuery UI version will be updated prior to the next beta (if someone steps up, of course), it's not off the table.
And to be honest, updating the JQuery to a new point release is not exactly a life changing moment either, so there's still room for change.

(I see that JQuery 1.4.3 was released today)