i think the font size is a bit too small, at least in some pages.

example, in Status Report.

are you trying to make us blind? :P


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line height/spacing might also be a bit too compact on some pages.

example: modules page

the module title and version is showing up above the checkbox and not centered.

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I, too, am having issues with the default font size (I tend to work with 24px as the default font size in my browser, so that I can read text on my screen).

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Yes, I definitely agree that the font sizes are way too small...

Whats the easiest and fastest way to make each font like 20%, 25% bigger?

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Also agree. As a Mac user, i often find that sites that specify sizes as px render fonts to small.
I though all CSS freaks would know that Geko based browsers should have font specified in pt, to allow machine independent proper rendering on high res displays.

Just my two bobs worth... :-)

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best method i've seen is with em, because it allows scalling in the browsers (+/- %) and is uniform for all browsers.


dont forget to set a font-size: 100% in the body like the tutorial in the second link says.

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