Last updated 27 February 2011. Created on 10 November 2006.
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Nodes hold content. Views save queries. Wouldn't be great if a node could hold a saved query? Now it can. Viewfield is a CCK field module that allows administrators to put views directly into nodes. When creating a node, users can select from a list of views. When the node is displayed, the view is run and the content is inserted into the body of the node.


Get the module from git or the viewfield project page.

This module requires the views.module and content.module. Enable these modules, then enable viewfield.module. You're ready to go.


1. Provide better control over each view in multiselect fields.
2. Use exposed views to allow for more point and click control over the view at node add time.
3. Integrate this module back into views when CCK becomes part of core.


Mark Fredrickson

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