Hello there:

1st , THANKS A MILLION for this module. It ROCKS !!!
2nd, i have upgraded from rc4 to dev version and problems appeared. (ouch!)
3rd, after 3 hours i've managed to "correct" the problem.

After upgrading this (example) error appeared in ALL content types that used video module.

Could not display the flash because sites/default/files/sites/default/files/video_thumbs/164/video_thumb.png does not appear to exist.

I read a lot and tryed to replace the path some how.
I even disabled "FileField Paths" and it got even worse ! Enabled it again.
Tryed to change "Media directory url:" in admin/settings/swftools/handling but it's grayed out, but it helps saying:

This helps swftools identify the server where your media files are located. You cannot change it here, as changing it has the potential to break existing content. You can set this on the $conf array in your settings.php file. For example:

$conf = array(
'swftools_media_url' => 'http://anothersite.com/media', // No trailing slashes!

Leaving this value unset in your settings.php file will persuade SWF Tools to check for the existence of your media files, as they are automatically assumed to be on the local server.

So...what i did was really simple and thats why i'm posting the "solution" to anyone interested.
I went to /home/brunovaz/public_html/portal/sites/default CHMODed the file settings.php to 777 and added this lines to the bottom:

$conf = array(
'swftools_media_url' => 'http://brunovaz.com/portal', // No trailing slashes!

After that i CHMODed back to 555 and all videos were back in place.

NOTE: In admin/settings/video/players i use SWF Tools for:
Flash Player for f4v:
Flash Player for flv:
Flash Player for swf:
If i use Flowplayer no video appears. So, this is a bug from video module, right?
LAST NOTE: I had to replace all thumbnails otherwise there was an "200 stream error" about http://mywebsite_url/drupal_path that i've added into the settings.php.
Can someone, please help me, to correct this issue without addind lines to settings.php ?
Thanks in advance.

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It seems to be related with a problem i'm having with default thumbnails.
They are no longer automatic created. I have to ALLWAYS upload a thumbnail from my computer.
Otherwise the "infamous" 200 stream error appears until a new thumb is uploaded.

Can someone help me one these two issues , please ?

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I'm sorry...but i cant discover what is the problem.
It seems to be related to the thumbnails problem since its deleted, everytime i change the node.
I have read all threads in the issues queue and nothing helps.

I remember when i upgraded from version 3 to 4 , someone told me to delete all file under modules/video and upload the latest only.
That "kind of fresh install" WORKED at that time.
Should i do it again and upload only the dev version (deleting previous files on modules) ??

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You do not need to delete module files, and do not use dev version as it has HOT code, which is changing very fast only use latest stable version, there was a issue with the SWFTOOLS thumbanils, if you can upgrade SWFTools module then it will fix it.

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Category: bug » support
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Title: ITS NOT swftools that "duplicates" sites/default/files » IT'S NOT swftools that "duplicates" sites/default/files

Thanks, this helped.

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Title: IT'S NOT swftools that "duplicates" sites/default/files » IT WAS swftools that "duplicates" sites/default/files

WOW, i'm sorry for misleading everyone.Has allways heshan.lk "nailed it".
It was SWF TOOLS. I was using version 2 and now i'm using version 3 of that module. Thanks for pointing me that out.
One thing that still happens, is the problem with the thumbnails.
I have to upload each time i change any post, because they dissapear.
It gives an error about not findind a file (doesnt specify wich one or where) and the video works.
The default thumbnail (from actual video) shows up inside the player (i'm using flowplayer3) but not in the VIEWS i've created with the video thumbs.
Any ideias ? Should i update the dev version or downgrade to the stable one ?

Thanks for reading and helping.

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Status: Active » Fixed


Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Title: IT WAS swftools that "duplicates" sites/default/files » IT WAS NOT swftools that "duplicates" sites/default/files
Version: 6.x-4.x-dev » 6.x-5.x-dev
Assigned: primobruno » Unassigned
Category: support » bug
Priority: Major » Normal
Status: Closed (fixed) » Active
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I am reopening this issue because I have found the source of the duplication in the video_thumbs_path

the issue is commented in includes/video_helper.inc @ line 108

// Swftools appends sites/default/files to the front of our path...
// @todo Is this a setting?  Need to figure this out.

It's NOT Swftools --

I accidentally deleted a thumbnail and got the message:

<!-- File not found: sites/default/files/sites/default/files/video_thumbs/649/video-thumb-for-649-3.png" -->

and there I noticed the path duplication

When I uploaded an image to that path, voila it appeared

notice in video.module @ line 520

function video_thumb_path($video = NULL, $checkexistence = TRUE) {
  $dir = $basedir = file_directory_path() .'/'. variable_get('video_thumb_path', 'video_thumbs');

when we inspect the variable

drupal_set_message('variable_get.video_thumbs ' . variable_get('video_thumb_path', 'video_thumbs'));

we see that the file_directory_path() (sites/default/files) is already in the variable

variable_get.video_thumbs sites/default/files/video_thumbs

so the function is prepending it to the variable again with file_directory_path() .'/'.

...since I am using the default Drupal filesystem setting in video.admin.inc @ line 453
the filesystem is already set as sites/default/files


But I'm not sure the best way to unravel this, and I am not sure exactly where the variable 'video_thumb_path' is set in the first place?

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When you go to admin/settings/video/transcoders and expand the Thumbnails fieldset, what is entered in the "Path to save thumbnails" field?

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the admin settings Path to save thumbnails:


if this is meant to be relative to the filesystem path (sites/default/files) it should be documented there

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Status: Active » Fixed


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hi I think we could be discussing a problem with the same symptom as the Swftools issue, but different cause.

I am not using Swftools at all. I am uploading videos in native formats (FLV,MPEG,WMV,AVI) without transcoding.

I was using the Video Module more in late Drupal 5 and in D6, but in D7 I have been using other media solutions including Brightcove and Akamai. But Video Module is an awesome platform for someone who understands transcoding, and needs a self-hosted CDN and player.

Anyway, regarding the second issue:

I am pretty sure the code in #9 duplicates the filepath segment. I am NOT using Swftools, and I see the video_thumb path variable is set in my db with the repeated pattern. If I'm mistaken, then something else is causing the repeat - maybe even HUMAN error on my part. If the swftools question is settled, the comment about swftools in includes/video_helper.inc @ line 108 should be replaced with a message about whatever caused (my kind of) repeat.

I'm pretty sure it's an edge case I am hitting, because of the history of the site, and the formats we support. I am thinking of switching most videos to YouTube embeds for ease; I'm a volunteer, THE volunteer, for this site, so time is a consideration.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.