Hello everybody,

I have a very simple question: How can I change the size of a slideshow-thumbnail (module: Views Slideshow)?
Normaly the size is set to 75px x 75px, but I want to scale and crop the thumbnail to 150px x 150px.
I hope someone can help me.




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Familiarize yourself with the Imagecache module.

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While Imagecache lets you resize and alter images with its presets, in the Views Slideshow module you are NOT able to select another imagecache present to be used for the pager thumbnails displayed. Currently I am thinking of adding another image upload to my content type that allows you then to select this smaller (and possibly different) image (with imagecache preset) to be used as the thumbnail and the Views Slideshow-Hover option.

- In Views Slideshow Singleframe is there a way to use another imagecache preset for the pager thumbnail only?
- Can the size of the thumbnail be addresses otherwise (maybe internal slideshow option)?

Thanks in advance

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If you just need some quick css...

.views_slideshow_singleframe_pager div a img {
width: 150px;
height: 150px;

Cheers, Leah

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Thank you, thats exactly what i needed!

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Something like this in CSS worked for me to get the thumbnails inline - maybe it was overkill, but I got tired of hunting:

.views-slideshow-pager-field-item, .views-field-field-gallery-images, .views-content-field-gallery-images {
  display: inline;
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I need to fix the thumbnails too and I thought about your snippet of code, am I wrong or this code would affect every other slideshow? I just need to change the size of the thumbnails for my frontpage slideshow, because the images are "very rectangular" and don't look good with the original values (width:75px and height:75px) or whatever width=height value for that matter. Is there a way to use it only for my frontpage slideshow?
Being allowed to use an imagecache preset as thumbnails would have been a great thing...