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Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:54

Release notes

Entity CRUD API changes since ALPHA 6:
#893574 patch by casey: EntityAPIController#delete is missing db_transaction()
#880374 moved entity.test file into the test directory and fixed the testing module name
Entity CRUD API: automatically generate Rules integration.
generate some basic entity metadata out of the schema information
Entity CRUD: fix entity loading of exportables to only add in all defaults when FALSE is passed.
Entity CRUD: do not add a trailing ; to the default entity export
Entity CRUD: add an optional prefix parameter to entity export()
Entity CRUD: don't export the internal numeric ID in case we are using names.
#920396 provide features integration for exportables
Entity CRUD: allow overides of save() and delete() to optionally pass in a custom transaction object
Entity CRUD: properly unset the is_new property after creation
Entity CRUD: provide entity_view(), entity_build_content(), default implementations and a default template to support modules implementing viewing.
#931026 Entity CRUD API: support loading by numeric id for exportables too
entity CRUD: added entity_access() for entities provided via the CRUD api
Entity CRUD: added a module key providing the source module of an exoprtable and improved the docs
Entiy CRUD: API change - moved the 'status key' property for exportables under entity keys in hook_entity_info()
Entity CRUD: improved features integration to add in the source module of entities in code

Entity Metadata changes since ALPHA 6:
#867106 patch by klausi: Entity metadata: fixed spelling mistake in the docs
Entity Metadata: fixed field language handling to make use field_language() to determine the right fallback.
Entity Metadata: fixed callbacks to use $entity and $entity_type variable names instead of the previous $object names
#874262 Entity metadata: only provide a token category for an entity if tokens are provided for it
Entity metadata: added a method to structure wrapper that returns a reference on the property info, which allows for advanced metadata assertions not possible else.
#909728 Entity metadata API change: always use underscores instead of dashes for property names.
#909732 Entity metadata: Automatically use the default bundle
removed the name property is we have entity_label() in core now - yeah.
Entity metadata: fix options list callback to get the property info passed.
Entity metadata: fix token integration to always providea description
Entity metdata: small API change: redefine the 'token' data type to ensure the first character is a letter
Entity metadata: added support for viewing entities via entity_metdata_entity_view().
Entity metadata: provide a getter and setter callback that makes use of methods to get/set properties
Entity metadata: #914934 patch by Berdir and me: devel and entity_metadata don't like each other

General improvements:
#881720 patch by tim.plunkett: Remove "version = VERSION" from .info

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