If highest level terms have any weight then active trails rates them lower than there child terms. This means when you click on the node, the menu doesnt get opened to the right spot.
-- blue


if i move cars above boats gets a weight of three and then when i click on a node with blue it only shows the trail down to boats as it is now the last term. Sailing and blue still have a weight of zero.

I'm using taxonomy menu, taxonomy menu trails and also using activemenu module to give it nice java drop drown like the plus on windows explorer.


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Taxonomy Menu Trails module uses node's taxonomy provided by core Taxonomy module. It is fast enough, because we don't do any queries to database at all. And Taxonomy module loads it ordered by weight only.

I've found great solution for storing hierarchical data in databases (see Nested Set Model), but it requires another table scheme. So we should implement some time-consuming solution to sort node's terms with respect of hierarchy. I'll try to do it in a free time.

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Thanks - if this worked it would be great!

I cant believe how difficult it is to get a windows explorer style of display in drupal, i.e. extensible menus on the left and content on the right. I'm trying to do it using tax menu, tax menu trails, activemenu on the left hand side, then for the main window using taxonomy list. I've almost it, but menu trails was pretty much the last remaining piece. Know of any work arounds.

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Each term can have multiple parents, so it becomes almost impossible to get correct order of terms which would satisfy all needs. And for large trees it would be quite long operation required for not too common use cases.

If all terms in lineage (the term and all its parents) are attached to the node, use "Deepest in lineage" term selection method to get active trail for the deepest term.