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As a developer or site builder, once you have your site completed, if it is not a site you will be managing yourself, you will want to prepare the person who will be maintaining and/or administering the site by giving them the tools they will need to take care of their Drupal site.

This might take the form of:

Note: If you would like to contribute an end user or administrator guide/manual, please add a single book page per manual within this end user and administrator guide. Include a detailed description of the type of manual it is, and be sure to include the version number and target audience in the page title.

Upload any documents directly to the page, so they are hosted on (rather than linking to externally hosted documents), and provide some indication of where to provide feedback (eg. link to your contact form).

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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I've created a child page for a training manual for a Drupal 7 church website - which might serve as a starting point for someone else.

It's 9MB and in Word, so I can't upload the files to the site - so there are just links to the files off site. I guess this is how most people will need to contribute large documents?