Join us for our first Iowa Drupal Meetup (or Drupal-corn, if you will) in the Skybox at Legends on Thursday, November 16. We plan to eat at 6 pm and begin informal presentations around 7:30 pm. You are welcome to wander in at any time. The event is being organized by Lullabot. RSVP to Matt Westgate.

We'll have a projector available and the location has wireless internet.


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I will so be there!

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I'm in the Twin Cities area, but I might be able to work from the Des Moines office that day and hit Ames on the way home...

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I just joined drupal, I'm sorry not to have done it earlier I would of visited the occasion. I live in the neighbourhood

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(sorry, couldn't resist)

- Robert Douglass

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I hope to be there! :)

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I wish to be there but I'm more than 100.000Km away!-)
But I'm ready to help/organize the first Drupal Meet-Up in Greece,
best in Spring 2007 in a Greek island !

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Wow, a comment from space! Please keep us updated when you arrive to the Moon -- or are you headed for Mars?
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i'm a greek alien :-)

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I mailed Matt re: a little more info on the event. I am in Mpls and could make the drive down, take .5 day off say, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of plans for a Minneapolis meetup in the near future? Matt, perhaps you could post a little more about what the agenda might be? I guess the best thing to do would be to come with specific questions maybe?

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Looks like there is a meetup coming to MN around the same time.

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My whole extended family, from both sides, are from Iowa. But my family and I live in Houston, Texas, which I love. I was rasied a Texan, but I miss the snow. My uncle still owns a corn farm around Ames, which been in my family for over 110 years. My grandfather used to live right next to Valentino's pizza, thats located by some mall. They always have great pizza. Then we always went to Hickory Park for BBQ and ice cream. I need to make time to get back up there. But I been waiting for a meetup or something in Houston. If not next time I'll make a quick drive to San Antonio, Austin, or Dallas. I need to spend more time with Drupal.

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Hey joeseven, I'm with Linux Journal and we're using Drupal for our site. Our office is out of Houston these days so we'd love to get a Drupal Meet-up going here. Lets talk and make one happen...

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I did a search on google for "ames, iowa" and "houston, texas" and came across drupal, as well as your comments about ames and houston. I'm a 1981 AHS grad, used to live on 24th street near North Grand Mall. Valentino's moved north about 3 blocks. Hickory park has expanded to an enormous sized new building. My folks live in Cypress, Texas. I used to live in Houston, oldest daughter born there. Thought it might be interesting to chat.


Roger Windsor