I installed Drupal a couple of years ago, and really don't remember what version it was. So I never know where to look in the upgrade instructions. What's the first thing to do to find out?


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Take a look at your CHANGELOG.txt file.

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There really should be a much (MUCH) easier way to do it than this. It should be on the admin page somewhere.

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see also http://drupal.org/project/systeminfo; shows info right from w/in Drupal admin and gives nice format like:

Version 4.7.0
Sites directory default
Database prefix
Web Server
Type Apache
Version 1.3.37
PHP Interface CGI
Version 4.4.4

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My point is that this should not be a non-core module.

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Yes, this information in one place could be handy for technical assistance. Would save time. Although it would be eyed suspiciously during every cruft purge in core.

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It seems like Drupal 5 has that:

"If it's available, go to administer >> logs >> status report. This will list your version number if you have Drupal 5.0 and above."