Errr... Well the question is in the title really - but if there is a limit, why?

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There is no limit imposed by Drupal. There is of course a limit set by how much text your database can hold. There is a limit imposed by usability: the parent selector during node composition gets very long.

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Yes, but the node weight selection only goes up to 15. What if we want to have more than 15 chapters in a book? The book module then begins to behave oddly, giving all pages over this limit a weight of -10, which messes up the order in which the pages are displayed!

Would it help to give the first chapter a weight of -15, and work down from that, thus giving upto 30 chapters?

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Child nodes are both sorted by weight and by title. You should be able to get your node in any order with the provided number of weights.

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the parent selector during node composition gets very long.

Yes indeed. This is something I have already raised as a request to change, to be able to set a "leaf-level" for each book. Better still, to have a two-stage book page entry process, whereby you first choose the book it is to go into, then position it in the book.

As a temporary hack, I propose to do a very simple one-liner in the book module which limits all books to a max leaf-level of three (enough for our needs I believe).

By the way, I have gone into this in more detail here. Any ideas would be welcome.