The RSS icons in the browser were the url is.

You can see it in Opera and FireFox, but not in IE.

How can I get rid of the orange RSS icon please?


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It's a BROWSER feature letting you know that the site provides RSS feeds you can subscribe to.

If you choose to not serve RSS to make your news and updates accessable, remove the
[link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS" href="" /]
from your page.

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Hi dman,

Remove it from what page exactly? File name pls?

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I looked in the page.tpl.php, it wasn't there.

Anyone know where is that link so I can delete it?

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Do a 'find in files for the key string "rss+xml"
among other places, the one I think you don't want is in node.module node_page_default()

You can comment out that line that provides a list of top stories.
I'm not sure, but it's possible you could also avoid this behaviour by setting a static front page in settings - that would bypass 'node_page_default'

Note that a few other parts of the site - like taxonomy indexes - also serve rss when appropriate.

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You need to look (as previously described) for where Drupal is notifying the browser of RSS type data. That is the only way to do this. You cannot force a browser to ignore your RSS data, simply don't tell it you have any. Or turn off the RSS module.

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Thing is, there is no 'rss module' :-/ which is his problem.
RSS is publicised by a few different modules by default, and is not able to be easily disabled.
I don't call it a problem to worry about, but you would expect it would have a switch somewhere.

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I got rid of the orange RSS icon by removing the line

<?php print $feed_icons ?>

found in the page.tpl.php file. This is for Drupal 5.1 however. Earlier versions may be different.

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thanks, your solution was easy and it worked

did the change on a 5.1 site