I was wondering how can I get the duration from video file(.mp4) and display as the list created by views together with thumbnail and title?
I think there is no 'out of the box' solution in video module or views handler for that.

I will really appreciate some link to forum, tutorial or any helpful answer.



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Don't think you can (easily).
flvtools can store metadata, but you'll have to convert to flv first.

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Yes, this is my problem, I would like to stay by mp4...

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I have the same problem, i think we need to be looking into the multiple file types per video solution, which is already work in progress.
this will enable you to convert to both flv and mp4, keep mp4 as main video type, and use metadata from flvtools generated values.

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I think you can use getId3 for mata values from a video, like duration etc. Another option is FFMPEG is allow you to get video duration (Its already in there but not used anywhere to save it on the database). I think getId3 module should work.

Any thoughts?

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