How can I insert photo or video on drupal articles or page?

is it possible to have an HTML compose windows? the one with buttons to change colors, making text bold etc. ?

Thanks a lot!


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You should take a look at this page


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I was able to get it working.

Now, what is good wysiwyg module?


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It's basically down to 2 choices atm: http://drupal.org/project/wysiwyg and http://drupal.org/project/ckeditor. If you don't plan to use the ckeditor library or don't need the advanced configuration options of the ckeditor module, then use the wysiwyg module. There's also a lot of nice additional modules that integrate with the wysiwyg module (ie wysiwyg_filter, wysiwyg_imagefield, etc).

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I think I am using WYSIWYG with CKEditor.

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You can also add to wysiwyg : IMCe and IMCe_wysiwyg
in order to upload and manage your images directly from your drupal website

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Please I need to insert a video in drupal 7 and I would like play it inside the article. Could you help me? I new in Drupal I need any information tu buil a web site please