With Views Nivo Slider installed and configured I suddenly lost my ability to access the installed CKEditor when creating new blocks or pages. When Nivo Slider is deactivated CKEditor functionality returns.

I tried switching from using the CKEditor module to using the WYSIWYG API module with the same behavior.

For now I am still just building in a dev environment and am able to deactivate Views Nivo Slider until I get all the rest of my content populated and the site built and can activate Views Nivo Slider again prior to launch without too much issue - though not ideal...

Has anyone else experienced issues with Views Nivo Slider and either CKEditor or WYSIWYG API modules?


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Title: Conflict with WYSIWYG API and/or CKEditor Modules... » Don't use WYSIWYG
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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Use CKEditor as this tutorial How to install CKEditor and CKFinder rather than using WYSIWYG. Everything will be fine.
I am using both CKEditor and Views Nivoslider.

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i have the same problem >>>>>

and i spend more than 7 days without any solution

we need someone to diagnose this problem


also i have mp3 module and after i activate Views Nivo Slider it give us this message (down load flash player)