Hi guys,

I do not know if that's the case whatever the cache, but on my end I use Boost and if I just hit Save, the META tag won't appear on the front page until I go there and manually delete the cache. There is an easy function call to make to clear the cache and I think it would be handy to have that directly in this module.

What do you think?

It does not seem logical to have it in Boost, otherwise that would mean Boost should support all modules... It would be a nightmare.

Thank you.
Alexis Wilke


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There are some boost actions that can be used with the rules module. I recommend using rules/triggers as the glue. Let me know how I can help

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Hi Mikey,

Nice from you to check out others threads... 8-)

What I'm thinking is that Site verification should call boost_cache_expire_router() with the necessary parameters to reset the front page... What the necessary parameters are in case the front page is a view or even just /node, I have no clue. But in case it simply is a node, then it's easy.

There are many cases/reasons to reset a page using a simple path and a function in Boost for that would be neat.


Then we could write:


to refresh the home page.

I'm not so sure that the site_verification module supports the rules module (yet). What do you think?

Thank you.

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Good point about the missing api call for flushing a URL... fairly sure it can be done right now. This should flush the front page.

boost_cache_expire_derivative(array(''), TRUE, TRUE);

This would flush nodes 3-6

boost_cache_expire_derivative(array('node/3', 'node/4', 'node/5', 'node/6'), TRUE, TRUE);

Its the same function that is used by the rules.inc file

PS I have a google alert for drupal boost; keeps me on top of most issues.

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Gosh I wish we had a hook_cache_clear($cid, $bin, $wildcard) so that when cache_clear_all(url('', array('absolute' => TRUE)), 'cache_page');, 'cache_page') was run, modules like boost could also do something.

Does boost alter or override the cache.inc file? Because that would be nice if I could just call cache_clear_all(url('', array('absolute' => TRUE)), 'cache_page');

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Boost does not override cache.inc with its own version. That would be interesting; but then that would require people to mod settings.php in order to use boost; it would also break compatibility with things like cacherouter or memcache (both require $conf['cache_inc'] to be set). I use memcache along with boost; I wouldn't want to restrict this use case. I will admit that the API for boost is not good; It's what happens when you grow a project as new issues arrive. Now that I know where boost is going the 7.x port is mainly a function cleanup. I could probably kill close to 1k lines in boost.module if it didn't develop so organic, and with the 7.x port that is what I plan on doing.

Want to create a save action for integration with the rules module?

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Looking to add this to the Drupal 7 code, but the 'boost_cache_expire_derivative' function doesn't exist in the D7 port of Boost?

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@Dave Reid
not yet; porting it over slowly. I'm trying to bring the smarts of boost out and into expire. Boost is too big of a module and a lot of people only use the defaults and nothing else. Thus it should be simpler and put more logic elsewhere. In the expire module, the function your looking for is currently called 'expire_cache_derivative'. Going this route you can create a rule for expire and have it work for boost, varnish, etc. But as you have noticed, there is no 7.x port of expire...

The expire module needs some love; but right now I'll be focused on the Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation module; as we needed this about 6 months ago @work. In terms of boost, 6.x the last stable release was over a year ago. In short too much to do, not enough time :(

Keep this at postponed until 7.x expire hits.

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thank you @mikeytown2
work it!!