Since the session limit module does such a good job with this?
I just thought I'd ask the question and see what the users say.
Please post your comments.


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Then, I'll need to add another module when this has worked so well and I didn't have a need for the extra features of the session limit module. Maybe, there are other advantages I have failed to realize. Does having a separate module simplify the code, reduce overhead or provide other benefits?


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It does simplify the autologout code, and I'm collecting user input regarding other benfits. Overhead-wise I'm not sure I can remove enough code to be a net drop.

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It's nice to have that feature HERE instead of adding yet another module to do this :)

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I don't use that feature, but it seems that Session limit module handles it well. If it shrinks the code in Automated Logout it's just for the better. I doubt a lot of people uses the session limit, but I might be wrong.

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if this feauture has been a duplication of the feature available in the dedicated module it should be removed from this one IMO.

Anyway, I recognized it has already been removed from 4.x which made this module lighter and easier to administer. Thanks for the great 4.x!

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Looking at feature comparison they seem different beasts:
SL (same footprint) is highly specialized and used only when requirements justify an extra module.
Autologout (tenfold usage) includes a vanilla "one session" feature, handy and useful IMO.

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I use/need the feature and like having logout management all in one place.

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I think it should be removed. It would be really great to allow the administrator to set the maximum session for each role. Since these two modules are kind of related, is it possible to integrate Session Limit's multi-session function into Automated Logout?

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Now there are no Drupal 7 modules to support single login unless someone can suggest something?

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I wanted to just put my thoughts over here
The requirement of forced log out need arises on following situations,
1. Security
2. Reducing the load on server
Session limit is needed as a as a business requirement to prevent over usage of system resources than allocated for the purpose
1. Reducing the load on server
Since the goal is identical in nature, it is better to have the both the functions in single module
in addition to this a feature to"mach bind" may also be incorporated to make it a complete session/usage manager
if a user logged in on one machine and opened 3 sessions and another 3 sessions on another machine and any additional log in requests from any of the machines or from a new machine should prompt with a list of sessions with mach no/computer name to select which session should be auto logged out
So the auto log out/session limit acts on
1.time limit
a)idle time limit
b)Usage time limit(commercial purpose like in SaaS cloud)
2.Machines limit - don't allow more than 1 machine (machine bind for VPN)
3.Sessions limit (control for sever load on business transactions )
there should be a whole some solutions for these needs either auto log out, or Session limit which ever best suites to provide these.

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Version: 6.x-2.x-dev » 7.x-4.x-dev
Component: Miscellaneous » Code

(Upping to 7.x.)
Currently the D7 version of the Session_limit module depends on Drupal Core's Trigger module, which has been removed for Drupal Core 8.x. It has a temporary spot of its own now, but eventually the Rules module will replace Trigger, outside core.

This currently means that for new D7 projects, it would be great to not have to start a dependency on the ditched Trigger module and its database scheme alterations. For that reason, it would be nice if this module keeps this feature at least until we have left the Trigger dependency behind us.

#837962: Rules Integration (shift away from Trigger dependency)
#764558: Remove Trigger module from core
#1413214: Provide upgrade path from Trigger to Rules

(Btw, it would be nice if the 2-3 current patches that is needed to get a working 4.x version of Autologout for D7, would be committed to 7.x-4.x-dev, now that more people may be looking to this module for this functionality.)

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Component: Code » Miscellaneous

Ah, and in comment #11 above here, I had not yet used/checked _this_ module for D7, other than looking through the issue queue and briefly checked the dependency section of the .info file - so I hope that the current 4.x version of Autologout does not also depend on the Trigger module... - heh...

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I'm developing a complex site, so when it comes to upgrading from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, I don't want to have to worry about depreciated core functions when I'm trying to do something like keep people from logging in more than once . . . So please put the session limit functionality back, I beg you!

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This probably should be closed now. See #708306: Deprecate session limit functionality

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I really want to push for some sort of session limit to be maintained in this module though. The D7 version of Session Limit hasn't been updated since May 2012 and the module status is listed as Maintenance status: Minimally maintained and Development status: Maintenance fixes only. I don't trust modules like that, but really need the session limit functionality.

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

Thanks for all the comments but I am now closing this issue - the purpose of autologout is now focused on autologout.

I've been in touch with the maintainers of session_limit and will be assisting in getting a stable 7.x-2.x branch release of session limit over the next few weeks. Please check out the stable release blocker meta issue if you wish to help:

#2010218: Stable 7.x-2.x release blockers