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Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 23:33

Release notes

Changes since DRUPAL-6--1-2:

  • #821670 by kiam: Search with core node.module does not work.
  • By kiam: Slightly optimized the code.
  • By kiam: Fixed the code, and changed/expanded the tests.
  • By kiam: Changed the tests code, and added a test for the users Opensearch feed.
  • #829326 by neclimdul, kiam: Module configuration links are broken for modules that don't return names.
  • By kiam: Added a warning in the settings page when the Token module is not enabled.
  • #829316 by neclimdul: Parse error with short tags enabled.
  • #829644 by neclimdul, kiam: Open search triggers search on search landing page. By kiam: Corrected the code that shown the tokens help.
  • #850454 by morningtime: Don't use startPage.
  • By kiam: Corrected the value used for the query parameter page for Opensearch pages.
  • By kiam: Updated the Doxygen comments.
  • By kiam: Corrected a comment.
  • By kiam: Fixed the function opensearch_unique_values(), which was not returning the correct value when the parameter didn't have the default value.
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