is there a Drupal function to check if the user is logged or not?

Thanks for your support.


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No function, but it is easy to do, this code snippet should get you going

global $user;

if ( $user->uid ) {
  // Logged in user
else {
  // Not logged in
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I am having a very strange thing happen.

In this scenario, the not logged in scenario outputs the string, but the logged in one doesn't. I am using a custom user block with this solution:

template.php contains this function:

function phptemplate_user_login($form) {
return _phptemplate_callback('user_login', array('form' => $form));

Inside my user_login.tpl.php file:

global $user;

if ( $user->uid ) {
  print Logged;
else {
  print not;

I'm going to guess that user_login.tpl.php doesn't even get run when the user is logged in? Does anyone know how to arrange this otherwise?

Could it have to do with the "me" module?

I want the username/pass only in my login block (when not logged in)
When logged in, I want to see a logout link.
I figure this scenario 'should' work, but I have a hunch the custom template isn't even run when logged out.

Is there another "simple" way to do this? I've seen a few articles around but nothing doing just this.

I've searched all around DrupalLand. There are a tonne of resources for this simple task.

Could there be a config issue I'm missing?

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How about two blocks? Use the standard login block for one and a custom block for the logout link with visibility set so it only shows for people logged in.

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This wont work because anonymous user still has a uid

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That's incorrect. Anonymous users have a UID of 0 (zero). Zero in PHP evaluates to FALSE. Therefore the following code does work for checking if a user is logged in or not.

global $user;

  // user is logged in
  // user is not logged in
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Hi nevets,

I am newbie to drupal, were this code is to be placed in order to check whether user is logged in if he/she wishes to view some content that would be visible for only those user who are logged in.

Thanks in advance.

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will that work with drupal 6

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Yes it will work in drupal 6.


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Starting in Drupal 6.x, there is a function to check whether the user is logged in: user_is_logged_in()

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Hey Thank, it worked...

Aliya Khan, Front End Developer

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For Drupal 6+ use this function user_is_logged_in()

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Use the user_is_logged_in() function like so:

if(user_is_logged_in()){ print "Logged In"; }
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PHP snippet

global $user;
if ($user->uid):
  // Then...

Proper way

if (user_is_logged_in()) {
  // Then...
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Also, in pretty much every templates, $logged_in (boolean) is available.

if ($logged_in) {
  // Then...