How can I turn of the breadcrumb menu? Ideally I would like it on in admin, and off elsewhere. Thanks,


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You need to do it with PHP in the page.tpl.php file; add a conditional wrapper such as:

<?php if (arg(0) == 'admin'): ?>
  <?php if ($breadcrumb): print $breadcrumb; endif; ?>
<?php endif; ?>
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That's perfect. Thanks for your quick response.

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You could also, as I've done, simply add "display: none" to the ".breadcrumb" CSS in style.css around line 76.

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Just thought I'd add that in the Drupal 7 version of Pixture Reloaded there are theme settings for controlling the visibility of the breadcrumbs - on the theme settings page you can turn them off, show them in admin only and configure the separator.

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sorry, can I ask why you did not add this option to AT Subtheme? I cannot see flag "Show breadcrumbs" on the settings page of AT Subtheme. I thaught this is more perfect than edit page.tpl.php.
This option exists in Zymphonies themes. Thank you