The site is not quite finished with. This is a work in progress. I would appreciate some beta testers, and if possible to give some feedback, both positive and negative.

This is currently using 4.7 with the spreadfirefox theme, although i have been working on different themes, such as an altered mollio theme (


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hmmm, a problem just at the homepage. In Firefox 1.5, all the "vist the user profile" links are glommed together at the top rather than aligned next to the user's picture.

Work: BioRAFT

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yes, I have to work on this. i am using a php snippet that needs some improving...
one of the snippets displays the last user signups in a column while the top one that is gloomed together displays random pics, and the photo is broken if the user did not submit a picture.

it does look somewhat messy right now. I have viewed it and it seems ok in IE7... i sure hope in IE 6 it doesnt look too horrible, but I suspect that the theme breaks in pre-IE6 or IE probably breaks drastically.