I have ubercart site where product overviews are generated with panels, panels_tabs and tabs module. I tried to implement support for backbutton / history so that users can first choose a tab, then go to a node (product) and come back with the browser back button. The panel view should then show the tab, the user has selected last.

I tried to integrate jquery ui module, I tried to include jquery.history.plugin and I tried to alter the javascript code of tabs.js - but my javascript skills are very poor - so I could not do it. I tried to use the dev version of tabs module instead of 6.1.3 without result. I saw in comments of the js code and in comments for drupal 5 versions of tabs, that history should be supported - but even when I switch to Garland theme it isn't. So I think, this feature is missing.

Has anybody already achieved this and could give me a hint, how to do it? Please ...

Thanks for your help!


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Did you found a way to fix this?
thank you

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Finally ... I got time again to look into this :))

Thanks to this comment: http://drupal.org/node/821334 I think it's solved. I added a .js file with the following line in my template.php:

drupal_add_js(drupal_get_path('theme', 'my_theme).'/paneltabs_helper.js', 'theme');

The content of paneltabs_helper.js is:

	$('div.panel-panel ul.ui-tabs-nav li a').click(function(){
		  var link =$(this)[0];
		  return false;

That's it :))