Release info

Created by: febbraro
Created on: September 20, 2010 - 22:05
Last updated: September 20, 2010 - 22:06
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

It has been a long while since a release. There quite a bit of refactoring that took place by Arto before he took a leave of absence. Lets that that out there in addition to a few bug fixes and feature enhancements.

At long last, libraries support
- #595974: Location of the ARC library by Dave Reid: add support for the libraries modules for the loading of ARC2

Some other fixes/enhancements:
- RDF tables should be refreshed after a new repository is created.
- Implemented an admin-configurable RDF mapping and token substitution value for author names in RDF feeds.
- Implemented RSS feed support for extended datetime literals that include CCK datetime fields' time zone names.
- Improved hook_nodeapi('rss item') interoperability (patch by geodaniel).
- Implemented integration with CCK's Content Permissions module in RDF feed output.
- Fixed the saving of RDF feed settings in the Views admin UI.
- Implemented a new RSS feed option for time zone offset adjustments when Daylight Saving Time (DST) is in effect.
- #472244: warning: Missing argument 3 for rdf_feedapi_mapper() in /drupal/sites/all/modules/rdf/ on line 10. Updated rdf_feedapi_mapper() for API changes in Feed Element Mapper 6.x-1.0-beta9.

- Implemented hook_rdf_adapters(); added a new API function rdf_get_adapters().
- Merged rdf_db_rdf_namespaces() into rdf_rdf_namespaces().
- Merged rdf_db_rdf_contexts() into rdf_rdf_contexts().
- Merged rdf_db_rdf_repositories() into rdf_rdf_repositories().
- Implemented an RDF_DatabaseRepository class based on code previously in
- Renamed rdf_db_create_repository() to rdf_create_repository().
- Renamed rdf_db_update_repository() to rdf_update_repository().
- Renamed rdf_db_rename_repository() to rdf_rename_repository().
- Renamed rdf_db_delete_repository() to rdf_delete_repository().
- Renamed rdf_db_get_schema() to rdf_get_schema().
- Renamed rdf_db_get_repository_tables() to rdf_get_tables().
- Renamed rdf_db_load_repository() to rdf_get_repository().
- Renamed rdf_db_load_namespace() to rdf_get_namespace().
- Renamed rdf_db_count_repository_triples() to RDF_DatabaseRepository::count().
- Renamed rdf_db_merge_duplicate_statements() to RDF_DatabaseRepository::merge_duplicates().
- Renamed _rdf_db_make_record() to RDF_DatabaseRepository::construct_statement().
- Renamed _rdf_db_uri_to_id to RDF_DatabaseRepository::uri_to_id().
- Renamed _rdf_db_uri_to_id_insert to RDF_DatabaseRepository::uri_to_id_insert().
- Renamed _rdf_db_uri_to_id_select to RDF_DatabaseRepository::uri_to_id_select().
- Renamed _rdf_db_delete_statements() to RDF_DatabaseRepository::delete_statements().
- Renamed _rdf_db_select_statements() to RDF_DatabaseRepository::select_statements().
- Renamed _rdf_db_query_statements() to RDF_DatabaseRepository::query_statements().