Currently I have to use a theme site with sidebar to put Masquerade block on. Because I did not find a simple and clean way to add Masquerade features to the Administration Menu bar for example as a list of users to masquerade on.


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I have this same problem (working on a site that has no sidebars, and thusly nowhere to sensibly place the masquerade block) and came up with this as a solution / workaround:

1 Make a panel page with the masquerade block as it's content.
2 Bookmark that page.

Simple and low-tech, but effective.

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Thank you for your answer. Solution 1 is not for me as I do not make use of Panel. Solution 2/ sould ne ok but I do not understand what to do. Could you please explain how to achieve that ?

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In my response 2 is the next step after 1. If you don't do 1, you can't do 2. ;-)

Perhaps there's some other way to display a block as a page -- yes:

So, using Insert Block you can make a page that contains the masquerade block. Then you can bookmark that page.

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If by admin menu, you mean the menu provided through the admin module, there's a configuration page to add blocks to it. The path is: admin/config/user-interface/admin (I believe thats also a page without the admin module installed - at least that was true of the prior 6.x version). I just added the masquerade block to it; haven't tested it yet, but in theory this should work.

If the above is true, then be sure that after you add the custom block (or in the particular case the masquerade block), you go to the rebuild tab and rebuild the menu.

A side note, this is not for using the admin toolbar which is now in Drupal Core. This is a tool I used on Drupal-6.x and I just prefer it to the toolbar, and it has more configuration options that I can locate.

I haven't tested it very much yet, so this may not update as needed for this to be a functional implementation.

EDIT: Sorry, I thought this was Drupal 7.x, my bad. In Drupal 6, though the same module works and there is a page to add blocks to it somewhere, though not at the same path.

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Masquerade integration used to happen out of the box AFAIK.

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Version: 6.x-1.4 » 6.x-1.7

It appears that it should indeed work out of the box. I've had no such luck, either. Currently running Drupal 6.22, as there are other inherited site issues that need to be resolved before the jump to 7. I think jruberto's 1-2 punch will suffice for now, as it will not see the constant use that would justify cluttering the user's dashboard.

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Version: 6.x-1.7 » 8.x-2.x-dev
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Let's pop this up to D8. What's the best way to integrate with Admin Toolbar?

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