Coming from #681034-6: Download Mechanism,

I just realized that it won't work forever to point new people who would like to help to existing issues and have them read them.

I guess that, thus far, the essentials live in the following isues:

1) The original #320562: Libraries API (Wysiwyg), initial considerations, bound to editor libraries only (but even with that limitation already a challenge).

2) #315100: Allow to add JS/CSS libraries (sets of files, settings, and dependent libraries) (Drupal core) also holds lots of details about the challenges of handling external libraries; thus, that core feature is not to be mistaken with Libraries API. (perhaps we should clarify this much further on the project page, too)

3) #719896: Add a hook_libraries_info() (Libraries), most recent considerations.


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I've started a new Documenation page:
It's rather verbose already, but better than reading all the 10 different issues. Doesn't go very deep yet, though.
See also: #935092: Where to put general design ideas and API decisions?

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Currently the documentation page from goes to

Rather than the new documentation page.

Would be great if this were updated too.

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Thanks for noticing! I fixed that and also fixed up the CHANGELOG link.

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Marking this fixed. The added documentation was a good first step.
If we have a specific idea on how we can improve the documentation, we can always a new issue.

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