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been messing around with other dashboards, very disappointing... and comparing to iGoogle - and the feature it has, per user dashboards, IS THE KILLER feature this module needs.

i guess it would it be too hard BUT would be really cool to create a simple interface for users to create personalized/per user Dashboards and show it on their Profile page (maybe as a tab) or just as a link in the menu.

even if that can't be achieved in a near future, perhaps create an additional Dashboard variant for authenticated users, containing useful stuff to non-admins.

in the case of the former, the goal would be not to replace the standard Dashboards and the standard interface, but to provide a subset feature though a submodule, behaving a bit like the original.

admins should be able to define with blocks, cck fields, views, content, etc can be added to the dashboards (default to disable everything existing and new, except a few select choices) and provide a main default user dashboard (which then admins can extend with variants per role for example).

rephrasing, in two distinct steps (easy and hard?)...

* start by adding a User Dashboard to the pool of dashboards, so now we have a Admin Dashboard (UID 1 or Administrator role) and a User Dashboard (authenticated users)
* the system should auto-select the dashboard assigned to their main role (through variants i believe)
* add the selected dashboard to a URL on the menu or a profile page tab.

* make it so users can select a different Dashboard on their profile page (ie, auth user, moderator, publisher, etc)
* provide a simple interface for creating per user dashboards (still working through ctools and panels) - think something like simpleviews - maybe this should be a separate project/module, required by this submodule
* enable per user dashboards

examples of content that would be useful on a user dashboard or a per user dashboard:
* my blog
* my content / my posts / etc (through views)
* create content (like forum topic, support ticket, etc)
* recent posts, comments, etc (views or existing blocks)
* my bookmarks (flags module and the default view) and other flags views
* rated content (votingapi/fivestar module and the default view) and other votingapi modules and views
* friends list by various modules/views
* heartbeat/activity module
* welcome message with profile picture

would be awesome for this module to have a simple (not everything mentioned above) user dashboard bundle :P


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btw, regarding possible name changes...

simple, just rename from Total Control Admin Dashboard to Total Control Dashboard.
that way it applies to any dahsboards

and the module filename is total_control, so no problem :P

Simple Views module is here - http://drupal.org/project/simpleviews

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Sounds more like a FR for Dashboard or Homebox.


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Dashboard and Homebox are nowhere near Total Admin Control and Panels...
not in features
nor in stability
nor in lack of bugs and maturity

this request is indeed for total control and i've reviewed all the dashboards around. i've placed an issue nothing those here:

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Status: Active » Postponed

I have no interest in supporting per-user dashboards, but it seems like it would be fairly straightforward to create this functionality using Total Control, panels variants, and context.

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What about per-role dashboards? Different types of admin roles naturally have different requirements for a dashboard. Can TC support this?

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Title: User Dashboard and Per User Dashboards » User Dashboard and Per User Dashboards: Panels Dashboard

Panels Dashboard in development

let's hope it matures and then maybe it can be merged

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Category: feature » support
Status: Postponed » Closed (works as designed)

Per-role dashboards are already possible.

Add a new variant to the admin dashboard provided by total control, add a selection criteria to limit the variant to a certain role, and you can layout whatever content however you like for each. Repeat these steps for each role that needs a dashboard, just make sure they all have the "have total control" permission or they won't be able to see the dashboard.