noting all the related projects i could find for a comparison:
* Total Admin Control - allows creating multiple dashboards, with a set of conditions and content/blocks/views/cck fields/widgets. very complex because it's based on Chaos Tools
* Homebox - allows creating multiple dashboards with blocks and views blocks
* Dashboard allows creating multiple dashboards (but not per account) for admins to use, containing blocks (very buggy)
* User Dashboard - allows creating a dashboard with limited options
* Dashboard for users - allows creating dashboards per user, using blocks (couldn't get it to work)

Total Admin Control is by far the best imo.
it's also the most complex...


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forgot to mention Panels next to Chaos tools for total admin control.

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Thanks for the comparison.

I get so frustrated trying to learn modules, but once I do the most complex ones seem best if they are solid. Once I get my site done I am going to do some tutorials.

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I'm not sure this should be filed as as issue. It might be better places as a forum topic, or on groups.drupal.org as a wiki page.

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you are correct.

but i also posted in hopes of alerting the developers for what else is out there.
maybe you could absorb ideas from the other projects ;)

there's too many modules around... many abandoned too

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Probably worth mentioning g.d.o similar module review page here: Comparison of Dashboard modules.

@jenlampton maybe a good idea to add that link on the project page as well?