Installation & Requirements

Last updated on
6 March 2017

Installation with Drush is extremely easy, otherwise manual installation is possible although it takes more time. Views Slideshow 3 for Drupal 7 introduced the Views Slideshow Cycle module as a default implementation that will work out of the box; it also introduced more requirements.


Views Slideshow Cycle also requires the following JavaScript libraries:



If you are managing your Drupal site with composer, run the following from within your composer root (assumes that web/ is your webroot).

composer require drupal/views_slideshow ^3.8
cd web
drush en views_slideshow_cycle -y


If you aren't using Composer but have Drush available run the following from your Drupal installation root.

drush dl views_slideshow
drush en views_slideshow_cycle -y


The most complicated method, using Drush (and/or Composer) if possible is strongly recommended.

  1. Ensure that you are using Views 3.x.
  2. Upload/install the Libraries API module.
  3. Upload/install the Ctools module.
  4. Create a sites/all/libraries directory on your server.
  5. Create a directory within sites/all/libraries named jquery.cycle and save the jQuery.Cycle JavaScript file there.
  6. Upload/install the jQuery cycle plugin: place it inside the jquery.cycle directory.
  7. create a directory within sites/all/libraries named jquery.easing and save the jQuery.easing JavaScript file there.
  8. create a directory within sites/all/libraries named jquery.hoverIntent and save the jQuery.hoverIntent JavaScript file there.
  9. create a directory within sites/all/libraries named jquery.pause and save the jQuery.pause JavaScript file there.
  10. create a directory within sites/all/libraries named json2 and save the json2 JavaScript file there.
  11. Enable the Views slideshow and Views Slideshow: Cycle modules

Upgrading from 2.x

There is no supported upgrade path between Views slideshow 2.x and Views slideshow 3.x. If you need to upgrade, follow the steps listed here, and if you find deficiencies, please update this wiki. :)

  1. Ensure that you are using Views 3.x. (note: since 3.x is not the recommended version for D6, drush will not give you the 3.x version unless you specifically ask for it)
  2. Disable the views slideshow module, views slideshow thumbnail hover module, and views slideshow singleframe modules. (Disabling these modules should not require uninstalling)
  3. Delete/remove the Views slideshow 2.x module folder and all files within.
  4. Follow the installation instructions for Views Slideshow above.
  5. Update all your views that were previously using the slideshow style. (note: updating from views 2.x to views 3.x may also break other parts of your view not related to slideshows, check everything especially number of items per page, and pager settings.)

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