We don't need an admin menu, specially, if we already have a Management menu.
And I think it is up to the user to move "Administer" to another location than the default location.

If you really have to create and move these around, then at most, it should move the Administer menu group to the Management menu (and create it if it doesn't exist), to mimic Drupal 7.
But i don't recommend that.

Users like their site the way they want and don't like modules to change it without their approval.

 * Implementation of hook_install().
function admin_install() {
  if (db_table_exists('menu_custom') && !db_result(db_query("SELECT menu_name FROM {menu_custom} WHERE menu_name = 'admin'"))) {
    $t = get_t();
    db_query("INSERT INTO {menu_custom} (menu_name, title, description) VALUES ('%s', '%s', '%s')", 'admin', $t('Admin'), $t('Administrative links.'));


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please mimic the behavior of D7 core by using Management menu instead of Admin menu.

from D7:

The <em>Management</em> menu contains links for administrative tasks.