Greetings, something peculiar is happening.
I can add new content types with no issue however I am having problems with editing existing content types.

For instance, I can not disable the comments setting on one particular content type nor enable comments on another.
This is the least of my worries as I have other contributed modules more pressing such as sign-up

I toggle off/or on the setting, select "save content type" and then I'm presented with the same page (no confirmation)
My setting appears to still be selected but if I move forward to another page, return, my setting is back to where I began. Boo.

I'm getting no error log information. nothing.

I'm all up to date on core and contributed modules and just plain bummed. I'm tried disabling certain modules to see if there is some kind of conflict and I'm at a loss. I also just updated Drupal to 6.19 from 6.17 Thank you. I don't suspect this is enough information to help me along. please let me know if there is more information I can provide.

Drupal 6.19
MySQL 5.0.91
PHP 5.2.8

Content Construction Kit (CCK) 6.x-2.8
Content Templates (Contemplate) 6.x-1.2



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Title: trouble editing » Can not modify content types

Changing title in hope this might encourage some help/support. Thanks, Erika

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Hello I was wondering if anyone out there could help me? It's been four weeks, any advise?

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Category: support » bug

Erika -

Usually when it is not clear that the issue you are reporting is associated with the associated module (in this case, contemplate) and there are as many issues as there are in the queue, a bug report like this can fall by the wayside. It also helps to put it under the right category, bug report.

Is this an issue that began to occur when you installed contemplate? Or could it be another CCK related module?

- Richard

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Greetings Richard and thank you,

It could be a number of things I realize. I have an brilliant Director with lots of ideas and therefor tons of module tries. I'm going to start uninstalling modules I'm not using or don't work quite right anyway and see if something shakes the save option loose.

Thank you again. I'll pipe in if I figure out what the culprit is this weekend. Erika

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

How did you go with resolving your issues?