Is there a fix to this? IMCE SWFupload does not work. Am I missing a feature or needed module? I go to file browser on my page this is were I see the IMCE functionality. Yes I can Delete, play with the thumbnails, resize, and upload only 1 file at a time. Has anyone modified this IMCE module to upload/select more than one file.

I'm able to upload more than one file by using an upload field in CCK which really does not help me manage the amount of files that one can have in their directory. I would like to use the IMCE mod.

Thanks for any help.


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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

Closing 6.x-1.x issues as this branch is no more supported.

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I am also trying to upload more than 1 picture to show in my content but cannot find how.

Please help :-

Thank you.