I'm thinking about installing a new drupal site on a Solaris server. I've never used Solaris before, but I should have access to a decent support team. Anyone out there have any special advice, experience they'd like to share, or words of wisdom for me?


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Should work fine - since people are able to get it running in Windows, I'd say that Solaris should be a piece of cake.

All you really need is PHP and your database (and those configured to talk to each other). On some platforms (e.g. freebsd) I know that the ctype_alnum function is missing from PHP but it is easily "emerged". I'm not aware of any Solaris issues (but there may be some...).


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CARD.com :)

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Drupal 6 and 7 work well on Solaris 10 and 11. All it takes is the Solaris-AMP stack (part of OS).
This page describes the installation process for Solaris 11: http://www.scalingbits.com/solaris/11/foss/drupal
The site itself runs Drupal 6 on Solaris 10.