The ul.links at the end of the node (the read more links, etc.) needs a div wrapper, something like #end, perhaps?

At the moment, it's hard to specify this set, since ul.links is used in multiple places.


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I just noticed that there's a declaration in css/nodes.css:

.node ul.links /* Node links. See also the ul.links declaration in the pages.css. */ {

But it doesn't work, because it applies to all ul.links that are decendants of a .node. .node > ul.links would work, but it'd be nicer to just have a specific name for it...

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6.x-2.x is in bug fix only mode.

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This is still a problem in 7.x-6.x. I just realised that the code that adds the CSS selectors to the .ul is actually in node.module, so this could be solved there. However, I think it would be more useful to have a wrapper for the links. Not sure what the best way to deal with this is.

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If you want to add styling to the node links, you should create a custom CSS component and add the class the way you desire. Since Zen does not style those links, it can't add a class to it.