Why is it..when I grant a user Administer nodes permissions...that user automatically has the right to create content of all content types. .even though rights to these content types are not checked on the permissions page???
Thats being a real pain in the backside
Is there some way around it?



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what exactly are you looking to do? administer nodes refers to all nodes. if you just want nodes of a certain content type, set permissions to edit nodes of that content type. if you are looking for a way to expose this to the user, you can create a View that displays a grid of nodes of the relevant content types.

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The administer nodes permission is for administering nodes. If you don't want users to have that permission, then don't assign it.

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after 5 years in Drupal.. just noticing this now.. but I agree this is a major pain in the ass that this is not by node type. I can not allow a role to pub/unpub a node of a certain type unless they have "administer nodes" privileges; but then they get access to all node types.

still looking for the "administer nodes by type" module.

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