I have some content-types and nodes custom styled with templates and some do not employ node links. Is the button printable in custom themes or will it only appear in node links?


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I would also look for the code for template for contemplate module.
I tried to add the code below in my tpl.php used by contemplate module. It seems working but not sure it is the proper way or not.

print $node->content['tweetbutton']['#children'];

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This work for me, but this duplicate the tweetbutton.
I tried to write some preprocess code, but I still have two buttons.
Someone can help me?

  if (module_exists('tweetbutton')) {
    $tweetbutton = array();
    if ($vars['node']->content['tweetbutton']['#children']){
        $tweetbutton = $vars['node']->content['tweetbutton']['#children'];
    $vars['tweetbutton'] = $tweetbutton;

and then in my node.tpl.php

print $tweetbutton;

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or you can do

theme('tweetbutton_display', $node); // for displaying in node
theme('tweetbutton_display', $user, array('entity_type' => 'user'));  //for displaying in user profiles
theme('tweetbutton_display', $comment, array('entity_type' => 'comment')); // for displaying in comments page
theme('tweetbutton_display', NULL, array('url' => $_GET['q'], 'text' => drupal_get_title())); // for displaying in pages other than node

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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just subscribing! :)

edit: I´m using contemplate too, and it worked ok with <?php print $node->content['tweetbutton']['#value'] ?>

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I am using theme('tweetbutton_display', $node); in my node.tpl.php but it is not showing up.

I have enabled the link to show up in my content and my teaser, and if I allow it to show up in my links section it does show up there as expected.

This doesn't work either: print $node->content['tweetbutton']['#value']

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

My bad, I had to do print theme('tweetbutton_display', $node);