Is there any plans to integrate this module with Shorten URLs and Short URL modules?

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i don't think is a need, tweet button use their own url shortener

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Status: Active » Postponed

It is planned to create a settings page with all the options from

The D7 release already have some of these, but they need rolling back to D6. We'll also need token support. I'm sure there's room to add Shorten and Short in there too.

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Hi, I'm the maintainer of Shorten URLs. By integrating with Shorten URLs you also make this module compatible with ShortURL.

Also, tracking so I know when I can add this module to the list of modules that integrate with Shorten URLs on the project page.

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I also support this feature request, so that I can use my own shortening service rather than rely on third parties.

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+1 for this feature request

This is currently possible in Wordpress:

Many benefits to being able to use ones own shortening service

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I think this would be a realllllly great feature and would like to sponsor it. Please let me know what it would take to make this happen. :D

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Status: Needs review » Postponed
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Update on Nov. 27 2012
Please do not use the code attached below. Twitter is now stripping most of the shorten links and it's getting ugly.

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Can we get this committed?

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Is it possible for someone to submit this as a patch for the D6 and D7 Dev releases?

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Status: Postponed » Needs review

I have added shorten URL integration in the branch 7.x-2.x

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Has anyone test #8?

Tweetbutton allows short url token but there appears to be no way to remove the default token. Any help?

Status: Postponed » Needs review