I recently downloaded the Drupal Commons distribution and I'm finding many difficulties in translating its content, particularly menus. I have activated Locale and Content Translation modules and installed and activated i18n, l10n_client modules. I have set spanish as default language and english as admin language (I installed Admin Language module for this) and I started translating the content provided by the distribution (no user content). I'm having trouble with some of the strings written in views and the Heartbeat module but what it's turning particularly difficult is the translation of menu items. Drupal Commons has a set of items defined within a "Primary Link" menu that is printed directly by the theme and even if it allows me to edit the menus and select "All Languages" (for translations) whenever I search for the menu strings I can't find them. I have tried all the solutions proposed in the Drupal forums including the modification of settings.php or the creation of separate modules for english and spanish. If I build a new "Primary Link-2" it won't be printed by the theme as it only displays content within the "Primary Link" menu. If I create a new custom menu the strings are available for translation but original strings coming from the menu won't appear in the string search of the translat interface. Any clues?

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Intentaste editando el .po ??

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ES - Sí, sí, el tema es que no me exporta todos los "strings" en el .po.

EN - Yes, I tried to edit the .po but it doesn't export all the strings.

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Hi, I'm in the same sutuation, any luck yet?

For other (not Commons) modules Live Translation works well, but the rest of the site is still English.

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I am also wondering if this is possible right now?

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I can't translate Commons 3. Is this not translatable ?

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I'm having a similar problem

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Are you fix this problem?

du hoc Anh Quoc

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I have the same problem. I activated the locale module but the I can´t see the option administrator/ Configuration/translate.

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Have you fixed this problem? I looked for the solution almost everywhere and nothing helped. Is it possible to do anything with it? Thanks.