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Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:40

Release notes

Context 3.0-beta8 REQUIRES CTools 1.7+ Please update to the latest release of CTools when using this release of Context.

  • Fix for PHP strict notices.
  • Escape condition options properly.
  • Adding a test to context for AJAX block generation.
  • #871740 by jeffam: Link to context page from debug info.
  • Introduce settings forms for plugins and allow core block handling to be disabled.
  • #872564: Don't include blocks in ->block_list() unless inline editing for real.
  • Updating hook_help().
  • #787922: Use CTools Export UI for context UI.
  • #872564: Hide regions with only empty blocks.
  • Add class to context editor forms when editing.
  • Prevent context from serving up ajax blocks at paths that are 404 or 403.
  • Less confusing export of translatables.
  • Use inline link markup and remove extra class.
  • #877262: Allow section title, subtitle theme reaction strings to be translated.
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