Not released yet, but garywiz had developed something that sounds really similar :)

ShowMe API (terrible name, but great effort):


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Probably not, as I'm sure that starbox will build upon modern + fresh concepts. Wysiwyg on steroids, kinda.

However, I've got some critical thoughts to share on this topic, as I thought through it multiple times in the past months, just need to spare some time to write that down. :-/

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Cool. You guys are great. Is there a definitive thread where things are being hammered out and discussed, or are you IRCing it?

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suggesting work with Modal Frame API (part of it got into D7 core) and Popups API

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#4 So this module is going to start on D7 then? I'm asking since only one of the lightbox-types of modules currently have a 7.x-dev branch.

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from the ModalFrame API project page -

Note for those interested in Drupal 7 support for this module: It seems this feature is being included in Drupal core itself. So, probably there will be no stable release of this module for Drupal 7 because it will be already there. :-D See: #517688: Initial D7UX admin overlay.

Popups -

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...just curious to see what will happen.

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