I have encountered a weird problem. I use nginx 0.6.35+php-fastcgi to serve pages. The performance was amazing for one month. And I did not change the configs before this issue appeared:

Today, I think while trying to change my admin theme to be garland instead of my default theme, first I got a 30 sec timeout (on /modules/view/handler.php as far as I remember). Then I went on trying various solutions to increase php process execution time, including increasing max_execution to 60 seconds in my /etc/php5/cgi/php.ini (in ubuntu 9.10 server). I did also add a similar command to my settings.php.

But (after restarting nginx and php-fastcgi) these handy solutions only changed the error message.

Now when I try to access my main page, I got a

One or more problems were detected with your Drupal installation. Check the status report for more information.

and when I click on "status report" or any of administrative pages in my admin panel, I get "504 gateway timeout" error . The site does not have any problem in rendering non-admin pages.

The server load is under 1.

I got stocked at dark behind the admin zone, so greatly appreciate your hints.


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I ran into this as well, for anyone else that finds this post, the ever helpful omega8 guys'n'gals have a solution on : http://github.com/omega8cc/nginx-for-drupal/issues/#issue/31 so far its not worked for me, but it might work for you.

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I have the same problem I personally have no idea of how the internal working of drupal work (still studying that) the support tech responded to my query about the problem 504 error issue with the following:

Each time you call your script, it performs thousands of searches for .inc files like "dashboard.views_slideshow.inc" which do not exist. This causes heavy system load and your script times out.

unfortunately this kind of leaves me stranded since I looked at the cron and saw it referenced bootstrap.inc but that was a dead end.

pls give me a hint of where I need to look to fix things. Watchdog does not help no errors :(


Ps. BTW when they write script they mean page.