Use case: there is a big database about the users and their various data (implemented by the help of Content Profile module). Anybody should be able to submit modifications to that database, but any user should be able to edit her own data without moderation. This is not possible without this patch at the time of writing - so please consider applying it.


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This looks interesting. A very minor nit in that I'm not a fan of the $update_goes_live variable name as it's not equal to the other access terms in the if statements. Maybe calling the variable $users_own_content_allowed (which I'm still not thrilled with) but something along those lines.

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Title: Grant users permission to edit their own content without moderation » Grant users permission to edit all/their own content without moderation
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Now the need has arisen to be able to grant a role a different permission that allows them to update even others' content without moderation. Patch has been updated accordingly; now the aforementioned magic variable name is $updating_live_allowed -- hope that will be better.