Can the option to select or change a style for pane when within the IPE be added?

The way we are using panels right now almost all of the panes use the system block style so if you use the IPE and add a pane, you cant choose a style.

You then would have to go into the panel content tab which kind of defeats the purpose of the IPE?


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More control over the capabilities of IPE are planned in the future; far for than just this. I'm going to close the issue since this is already on the roadmap and the issue will hang around.

I'll let sdboyer speak to his plans of how that will come about.

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In the future?, now after 3 years, the IPE can't change styles, from drag and drop interface.

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@cesabel: FYI when you're reopening a ticket you should set the status based on whether or not there's a patch - this issue doesn't have a patch so the appropriate status is "active".

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Not gonna happen in D6.