Hi all,

We have installed Openpublish 2.0 and imported several thousand articles, however at present the installation is unacceptably slow - page load time is over 10 seconds. We have several other drupal installs running, some fairly high volume and have experienced no performance issues serving over 50k pages per day. We have increased the RAM to 512k and tweeked all the modules we can for extra performance, running out of ideas.

site is at dev2.btob.co.nz

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Anyone have any ideas here? We have upgraded to Openpublish 2.1 and still have the same issues. Wondering if it could be OpenCalais or Taxonomy issues? Has anyone experienced anything similar with Openpublish? Page load time is over 10s.

site is at http://dev2.btob.co.nz

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Hey Tom,

Can you provide a bit more detailed information about what is going on?


* What are the specs of the machine?
* Shared/Dedicated hosting?
* What versions of the LAMP stack?
* Have you turned on the MySQL slow query log? if so, what is appearing in there?
* Have you enabled devel and looked at some of the sql logging?
* Have you turned on page caching at all?
* How many nodes?
* How many taxonomy terms?
* Have you written any custom code?

There are hundreds (or thousands) of reasons why any given page can be slow and the more information you can provide, the better we'll be able to help.

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Thanks Febbraro

Its sharing a quad proc with several of our other sites that aren't experiencing any performance issues. We have other installs of Openpublish that seem OK too, although not in production yet. We're trying to get this one into production.

We've set caching to 5 mins.

We've got devel enabled, and some of the sql queries are coming up at nearly 3 seconds.

The attached file is ordered by execution time -

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Taxonomy term count = 9330

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unfortunately, there's nothing significant in the queries you sent. They look like just regular queries.

Do you have APC on your server?

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No we don't.

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OpenPublish is a much larger codebase than vanilla Drupal. In general, the number of code files has significantly adverse affects on a non-optimized PHP application (a PHP specificity, not related to Drupal or OpenPublish in particular). Using an optimizer like APC with such applications can dramatically improve performance, to the extent that we do not recommend using OpenPublish without APC, definitely not - in production.

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I use cacherouter and performace improvement is significant on my very small site. I mean, it is noticeably faster with the cacherouter.

As for APC (http://drupal.org/project/apc), its not available for Drupal 6.x on which OpenPublished is based.

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I did not mean Drupal module, but the actual PHP extension called APC: http://pecl.php.net/package/APC

Following are the instructions for installing APC on CentOS: http://www.agileapproach.com/blog-entry/howto-install-pecl-apc-cache-cen...

It should be similar process for Ubuntu, easier if anything.

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Thanks irakli. I guess I will try this one: http://interfacelab.com/nginx-php-fpm-apc-awesome/ as I already have php+fpm with nginx.

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Hey Tom,

We had similar issues with our sites, it eventually came down to tuning the MySQL. Could you write out the machine spec and the my.cnf ? We got our server to do 3x MySQL queries using some simple tune up techniques.

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Hi tomjrtsmith,

Just wanted to point out, (and you've probably noticed this) where I was experiencing slowness was mostly when clicking the "root" items (taxonomy terms) like News, Politics, Tech, etc... things like individual articles and such came up very quickly.

P.S. That directory you have setup is pretty slick - would be able willing to provide any resources as to how it was created? Tutorials or CCK/Views exports? I think having such a feature is another great way to monetize a local/community website by offering preferred listings, etc... as well as providing a good resource to the user :-)

@irakli - good tip on the APC module - will remember that for when/if I deploy some OP sites of my own

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Priority: Critical » Normal
Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)


Please let us know if APC was installed and if it fixed the problem so we can update the issue status accordingly.

Thank you.

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Closed (fixed)