Release info

Created by: yhahn
Created on: July 30, 2010 - 19:39
Last updated: July 30, 2010 - 19:41
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

  • #815276: Preserve request when requesting AHAH block render
  • by rsoden: User page condition.
  • Add mode options for user page condition.
  • #777500 by thebuckst0p: Fix for context imports.
  • #811424: condition_used() check to prevent unused conditions from firing.
  • Remove condition map checks which now occur in conditions themselves.
  • Introduce hookcontextnodeconditionalter() to allow other modules to easily add their plugin to node-related events.
  • Add entry for hookcontextnodeconditionalter() to context.api.php.
  • #741078 by chellman & smk-ka, fixing block sort for php versions below 5.2.6
  • Simplify inline editor markup, JS handling.
  • Allow for multiple instances of the contextEditor JS object.
  • Explicitly declare #theme on context inline editor.
  • Better CSS class for hidden block categories.
  • #833214 by irakli: Don't rebuild registry when using context inline editor.
  • Nicer styling around inline editor loading, block items.
  • #724852: Add helptext for using bulk exporter with context.
  • #736760 by chellman: Don't declare function as static if called within object context.
  • #791412 by jhedstrom: Separate node page and node from conditions.
  • #449816 by jhedstrom, Steven Jones: preprocess_page implementation ignoring theme settings
  • #839366 by jelenex: Strict checking in context static cache API
  • #781792 by flobruit: Fix for user role condition when not using english as default language.
  • #863298 by donquixote, yhahn: Don't build blocks for regions not supported by current theme/layout.
  • #863298 by donquixote, yhahn: Only reset the block info cache when a form is submitted in the admin UI.
  • #826924: Fix incorrect usage of hookctoolsapi() for declaring plugins.
  • Ensure block info cache is rebuilt if necessary on editor form.
  • Remove excessive cache rebuilds.
  • More graceful handling of AJAX block render failure.
  • #759554: Allow theme regions to be rendered in node template for a limited number of conditions.
  • #823960 by jepedo: Don't overwrite classes in menu active trail reaction.
  • #830246: Clear CTools plugin cache for context when invalidating context cache.
  • Fix bad call to context_conditions().
  • #750572, #782224: Documentation for contextloadalter().
  • Adjust base class to make it easier to iterate over only contexts using your condition.
  • #653698: Handle menu options for non-unique paths.
  • #791862 by glass.dimly: Attempt to set proper menu name and fix menu trail condition.
  • #785350: Make block_list() a public function.
  • Force display:none on inline editor DOM elements.
  • #813954: Path exclusion and active context condition.
  • #731438: Retain blocks that are empty when using inline editor.
  • Removing nodequeue inc.
  • Add user page and context condition tests.
  • Move actual registry implementation into include.
  • Make sure plugins can be loaded before attempting execution.
  • Use get_contexts() method instead of iterating over all active contexts.
  • #748016: Breadcrumb reaction.
  • JSlint.