Hi folks,
this module looks ultra-tasty and I hope I can help with testing (sorry, not a coder). So here we go:

I can add widgets to the dashboard (the comments widget and custom widgets) but they do not appear. I do receive a nasty warning message:
user warning: Unknown column 'visibility' in 'field list' query: SELECT widget_id, type, subtype, conf, col, visibility FROM dashboard_widget WHERE page_id = 1 ORDER BY weight in C:\Users\David\Sites\acquia-drupal-site\acquia-drupal\sites\all\modules\dashboard\dashboard.page.inc on line 54.

Tried with Acquia Marina and Garland, flushed caches, ran cron.


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was this a fresh install or an updated install of this module? if updated did you run update.php?

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Updated from 2.1. Ran update.php with no updates made.

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you're going to have to uninstall and then reinstall the module to get it working. there were changes made to the dB structure in the dev branch!

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I already suspected something like this. I'll hold my other issues for a night.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Ah, now it is working. ;)

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Status: Fixed » Active

I completely uninstalled the previous version and installed the latest dev release. I created some default widgets however I am still unable to see widgets when I go to the More Widgets tab. In fact the tab completely disappears. I tried this on Garland and Blue Marine with no luck.

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me too experiencing same problem..

enabled default widgets like "Recent blog posts", "Recent comments". also set permission for "access user dashboard" and
"add personal dashboard".

still not able to get the view!..?

if i hit www.site.com/dashboard i get only these.
Dashboard More Widgets Add a tab+

when i click on "Add a tab", i can enter text in the textfield ,but after that the add button is disabled!..?

and when i click on more widgets nothing displays..?

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As an update, I tried this on a fresh website install with Garland and I am experiencing the same issues. I plan on doing some debugging this week to see if I can determine the issue.

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I was having the same problem even after uninstall-install. However on clearing the theme registry after the install the widgets appeared. One issue I face is the widget names appear correctly under "More Widgets", however when I add them to the dashboard apart from Recent Comments, My groups and the calendar block the other widgets appear as Widget 2, Widget 4 etc.

Another question: The "Add a Tab" works fine, how do I populate content into the new tab?


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im FULL ON with everyone here... i have high hopes that this actually works :(

im using a custom theme, and see the same thing as everyone else..

just tabs-- i can see some javascript functionality... but none of the default widgets i selected are displaying..

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I am experiencing some weird behavior.

I could get the dashboard working for user1 and authenticated user. I then setup roles editor, secretary and member with permissions similar to authenticated user. The default dashboard was not generated for the three new roles even after clearing the cache several times. I then uninstalled and installed the module again, created default widgets. Now user1 dashboard exists but without any widgets. Clicking on the "More widgets" tab results in a blank page.

Logging in as authenticated, editor, secretary and member roles the dashboard gets generated with the default widgets. However on clicking the More widgets tab results in a blank page.

Any ideas?

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Update: I deleted the "Dashboard" tab for user1 (hover over the tab) and the default dashboard was generated for user1. Still trying to figure out the blank page when I click on "More Widgets"

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just got a BRAND new fresh install of Drupal 6.19 on my computer.. downloaded the latest:

jQuery UI
Chaos Tool Suite

then i added some default widgets..

when i navigate to http://www.{site}.com/dashboard (when im logged in as admin) i only see the three tabs:

Dashboard, More Widgets, Add a Tab

the first problem is a javascript error on the page:

$columns.sortable is not a function
[Break on this error] stop: function(event, ui) { 

So right away, this module does not work out of the box with the default drupal theme..

I will gladly donate to the project to get it moving, cause i think there will be a huge demand for a working dashboard..

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Update2: I finally got "More Widgets" working for all users. It seems that when I cleared the cache from Site Configuration->Performance->Clear cache nothing happened. However when I cleared the theme registry from Admin menu->Clear Caches->Theme registry the "More Widgets" link started working. You have to be on the blank "More Widgets" page and then clear the theme registry from the admin menu.

While testing with IE8 I kept getting Javascript not installed at http://mysite.com/drupal/dashboard (don't remember exact message) when Javascript UI was already installed and date pop-up worked fine. This happened only with IE8 and not FF or Chrome.

The is a great module from a users perceptive. Another module with similar functionality is homebox http://drupal.org/project/homebox

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I downloaded and installed the admin_menu module just to test this and it actually works. Go to the blank "More Widgets" page and clear only the theme registry from the admin menu and it works.

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One temporary solution I used is to use a theme and set it to rebuild the theme registry on every page. This obviously can only be used in a testing environment so a solution to this issue will need to be figured out before I can launch the website I am working on. I plan on looking into this in more detailed but would be happy to know if anyone else has been working on it.

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I have given up on using this module on production sites for now. I use Homebox instead. It has similar functionality and is stable across browsers.

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any update on the issue ?

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any update on the issue ?

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I ran into this issue as well. After clearing the cache 3x (admin menu > flush all caches) I started seeing the widgets. So the issue is probably with page cacheing.

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Take a look at this issue for a workaround patch: http://drupal.org/node/1006356#comment-3978500