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DXMPP creates a themeable browser chat client for an XMPP server.

Before installing DXMPP module you need to setup an XMPP server. Follow this guide on how to setup an XMPP for use with Drupal if you haven't done so already.


  • Copy the DXMPP module folder(dxmpp) to your module directory and then enable the module on the admin modules page.
  • Download the latest stable release of the Strophe library and extract the entire folder into sites/all/libraries.
  • If you don't have a reverse proxy to the XMPP Server, download the latest stable release of the flXHR library and extract the entire folder into sites/all/libraries.
  • Go to DXMPP settings page(admin/settings/dxmpp) and enter the XMPP Server domain & XMPP BOSH URL of your XMPP server. Enable flXHR, if required. You may also wish to change other settings. After you have done so save your settings.
  • Setup the correct DXMPP permissions for authenticated users.
  • Enable DMPP Chat block from the admin block page. Thats it!

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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I'm using dxmpp with openfire, with different servers and domains.
So I've to use flxhr because hostmonster disallow the use of proxy module in apache. To make it work I 've followed the instructions about http-bind and bosh refered somewhere (google points to a lot of correct information about it), in conjunction with the apache reverse proxy module on my openfire server.
But I was unable to use flxhr, until I've discovered that apart of the reverse proxy activation in apache you have to point also the crossdomain.xml found in root of jetty server provided by openfire. So just copying (or proxying again through mod_proxy) this crossdomain.xml to the root of the server which dxmpp "XMPP Server domain" field refers, you will be able to use dxmpp module with two separated servers, using the power of flensed.
If you need more information just reply to this and I'll write a complete step by step of using dxmpp and openfire on separate servers.

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Hey, you've done exactly what I'm trying to do. If you get some time post a some help or contact me.

I have openfire working on server2, drupal on server1. Dxmpp is creating xmpp user accounts just fine. I can't get strophe to connect though. I'm probably missing something w/ the whole crossdomain.xml thing.