Hi there, I am new to this so please bare with me :). I have registered my domain in ipage.com and installed Drupal from the CMS section in the Install central. Now, I need to upload themes and logo and etc. I can not understand howto do this. I have downloaded Drupal on my PC but how do I connect it to the server ? I appreciate your efforts


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if you have cpanel on the server you can use the file manager and go to:


in here you'll have to create a folder called "themes" and a folder called "modules"

go into the themes folder. Upload the theme you downloaded (in .zip format). Once it's been updated you can right click on the zip file and expand it. Then you can delete the .zip file as you won't need it anymore.

Then go to your drupal installation (such as www.example.com/admin), then go to themes and enable the theme you just uploaded and expanded.

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using a hosts one click installer you are heading for headache. This feature provided by hosts is great for testing but horrible for building and especially horrible for updating.

install drupal with its own installer.

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Yap.. it is a headache .. But im managing 2 find my way around :)

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finding your way around is one thing, updating the installation when an update is released or upgrading to D7 will cause you a tremendous amount of problems.

don't have to take my word for it, do a search on this site for fantastico or on any CMS support site and read through the horror stories.

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Shock... Horror...! iPage do not support cron. I want a refund, their drupal hosting is as useful as a door knob on a brick wall!

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What do you mean with that iPage does not support cron? I am setting up a site at Ipage, and i could run cron. but my still runs vert slow